Sunday, May 17, 2015

List of companies in Scandinavia DLC

Here's a list of companies in the Scandinavia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. 
The list contains company name, company internal name (folder name), and cargo direction. io means in and out, while i stands for in. Marina is a bit weird, since there's no in or out folders in the DLC definition files. All these companies should show up in the next version of ETS2 Studio, but untill than, you can add them manually using our Company Template Editor in E2S options.

Agronord             agronord     io
ARIA Food            aria_fd_albg io
ARIA Food            aria_fd_esbj io
ARIA Food            aria_fd_jnpg io
ARIA Food            aria_fd_trbg io
Bjork                bjork        io
Drekkar Trans        drekkar      io
GNT                  gnt          io
Ika Bohag            ika_bohag    io
Konstnorr            konstnr      io
Konstnorr            konstnr_br   io
Konstnorr            konstnr_hs   io
Konstnorr            konstnr_wind io
MS Stein             ms_stein     io
Nordic Crown         nord_crown   io
Nordic Stenbrott     nord_sten    io
Norrfood             norr_food    io
Norrsken             norrsken     io
NS Chemicals         ns_chem      io
NS Oil               ns_oil       io
Polar Fish           polar_fish   io
Polarislines         polarislines io
Renar Logistik       renar        io
Sag & Tre            sag_tre      io
Scania Dealership    scania_dlr   io
Scania Truck Factory scania_fac   io
Vitas Power          vitas_pwr    io
Volvo Truck Factory  volvo_fac    io
VPC                  vpc          io

BHV                  bhv          i
Container port       cont_port    i
Volvo Dealership     volvo_dlr    i

Marina               marina 


  1. Thank you very much. So we can start with the new Companies and Update our Trailers.
    And naturally waiting for the new Version. Fantastic Work.

  2. Thanks a lot for this mate! The Yacht from the High powered DLC goes to the Marina. So it does accept cargo.

  3. When will the program to companies in Scandinavia? You could register a new trailer "New Cooliner"