Friday, May 15, 2015

Add Mercedes Actros MPIV to ETS2 Studio

So, I have been getting a lot of requests to add the new Mercedes Actros 2014 (MPIV) to ETS2 Studio. Here's some good news - I'll add it really soon. In fact, the plan is to add it over the weekend, with a couple of other goodies.

But, if you're a bit impatient, you can always add it using our truck template editor.

Here's the data you need:

(click to enlarge)

You need to correctly enter the internal name, and internal names of cab variants.

Truck internal name:

Cab internal names:

And that's basically it. :)


Looking into download data for current ( version of E2S, I have seen that more people decided to use link over the Dropbox one. Thank you for that! :) I appreciate it!


Don't forget to post your new Actros skins to ETS2Addons web site :)


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