Friday, May 8, 2015

ETS2 Studio V Released

Dear ETS2 Studio users,

it's been a while since we released ETS2 Studio v. For the interested, it was exactly 398 days ago. That's 1 year, 1 month and 2 days ago. Too long, to be honest. We were on the verge of dropping the whole project, but seeing the enthusiasm of the awesome ETS2 comunity, we managed to push on and find new strength to work on this.

You can read more on what was added, changed and fixed in our last blog post where we announced the release of the public beta. Releasing a public beta was a first for us, and it seems to be a success. At least, judging by the low number of bugs reported. To be completely honest, due to lack of time and proper gear, this was the only way E2S could get tested. We'll continue this practice for all our future releases.

So, what holds the future for ETS2 Studio?

Soon after this release we plan to release a quick update of the application. It will probably be numbered as 0.6.2 and it will contain new companies that were released in the Scandinavia DLC, new Actros that's about to be released in the 1.18 beta, and new trailers by Matdom.

After that, the plan is to start working on a bigger update - a trailer database editor, so you'll be able to import trucks like you can trucks and companies. Also, a 3D preview is in the works already as is a nice tool for modders, wich I'll keep a secret for now.

So, yes, there's a future for ETS2 Studio, and one day, ATS studio.

Enjoy the release, and let us know what you think about it on our forum! :)



  1. Where to download the new version in forum i only see ??

    1. Here, on this web site. Select the Download tab at the top.

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  3. Hey there.

    For some reason the DAF Euro 6, even though it is included in this version, refuses to let paints appear in the game. Any ideas what might be amiss? All other trucks work - just the E6 refuses to let any of my custom paints appear that I have exported with this tool.

  4. could you add ?