Friday, March 13, 2020

Why did we stop developing ETS2 and ATS studio?

Every couple of days, I get comments that ETS2 & ATS Studio was way better than Mods Studio 2, that MS2 does not work, and that I should update the old applications to support the current game version.

First of, I'm glad people think that old ETS2 & ATS Studio were awesome. They really were. I also think user interface looked way better than it does now. So... why did I decide to dump them and start completely from scratch?

E2S was made in a time when only ETS2 existed - in October 2013. There was no ATS, and also the game was not updated as often as it is now. Only a couple of DLCs existed... At that time, I also had way less development experience. All of that combined meant that the code behind the app was very rigid and oriented towards a specific task. It was convoluted, and it really was s PITA to update. I struggled for years to keep it updated and in line with ETS2 (and later on, with ATS). At one point, the game changes were so big, that it became impossible to update the apps. On top of that, the user interface elements that we used to design the app became obsolete as well, and it was time to pull the plug.

At this point, I can't even properly load the old source code in my Visual Studio. This effectively means that I cannot update the old apps - even if I wanted.

I also understand that Mods Studio 2 can annoy you at times. There's bugs, some features are missing, some things are different from what they were in the old apps... I'll do my best to fix bugs and develop missing features. But for some things, you'll have to put a little bit of effort and get used to the new way of doing things. I release MS2 updates almost on a monthly basis now. Things will improve - that's a prommise!

Join our Discord, we're always help with any MS2 issues you might have!

I hope you understand now why MS2 replaced the good ol' ETS2 and ATS studio.