Monday, April 13, 2015

Zombie available for public beta testing!

Ladies and Gents! I'm proud to present our first ever public beta release - ETS2 Studio version !!!

As you can imagine - it's full of bugs. Your mission: to find them all.
Reward? Er... I'll buy a beer to the one who finds the most bugs.

Oh, one more thing - this release comes as a Zip archive with all files in a portable folder.
No need to install anything. Just extract and enjoy. We'll see how this goes, and than decide if I'll continue this or not.

What's new in this one?

  • Upgraded .NET version from 3.5 to 4.0; Still supporting Windows XP.
  • Implemented completely new SII file writing system that was planned for a future release
  • New image settings tab in the settings dialog
  • Option to disable/enable Npot skin image warning in settings

Truck skin tool:
  • Fixed missing truck internal name in cabin suibable_for statements
  • Added metallic color options to skin editor (two new tabs!)
  • Skin type now has a checkbox that turns on/off metallic options
  • Alternate UV set checkbox moved from Masks tab to Properties tab
  • Rewritten code that handles different skin types. A lot better now.
  • Mask skins now require at least one unlocked color
  • Warning if skin image is npot (Not in the power of two)

Truck database:
  • Fixed two major bugs with importing trucks from mods
  • Added a lot of new trucks (by ohaha, GTM, RJL, 50k, SCS)
  • Removed GTM Scania T series
  • Updated truck preview images

Trailer tool:
  • Fuel cistern pink lights fixed

Cargo editor:
  • User interface updated to hold new cargo parameters
  • "Heavy" is renamed to "Valuable" to reflect changes in SCS def files

Company Template Editor:
  • User interface (in the Settings dialog)
  • All code needed for this feature to work

(And than some...)

Public betas are available to registered users on our forum.