Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

ETS2 Studio V Released

Hello friends!

We're happy to announce a new version of ETS2 Studio. This version is named Caddellac - a tribute to our resident developer and green meanie - Cadde. At the same time, we're implying that our tool is the Cadillac of ETS2 tools. :)

Last minute surprise!

In the release notes for the public beta, we have announced that the new Mod Editor is the main new feature of this version. But, just hours ago, we have added three new trailers and also upgraded our Mod Merge tool.

What's new in V 0.7?


  • New tool: Mod editor
  • Windows explorer integration
  • On-line checking for updates (in Version Info dialog)
  • Removed the ability to lock the mods created with E2S

  • Trailer tool:
    • New trailer: Container by MDModding
    • New trailer: Fridge by MDModding
    • New trailer: Schmitz by Rommi TZ
    Truck skin tool:

  • Truck skins can not be free any more. Minimum price is 1.

  • Mod merge tool:

    • Added option to overwrite conflicting files

    Templates and resources:
    • Included all default SCS cargoes as templates (can be found in templates folder)

    Famous last words

    I am truly grateful to all people who supported us so far, either by contributing to the project with their work, or with donations. You guys keep this project moving. In less than a month, a new game by SCS Software is coming out: American Truck Simulator. If you have missed it - you can get a free DLC for it just by following it on Steam. Our big wish is to create a similar mod tool for the new game as well. At the same time, we want to continue development of new features for E2S as well...
    Last version of E2S was downloaded over 26000 times in just over three months, so we have a lot of users that are expecting new features and updates. :) It looks like interesting times are coming.

    I would like to finish this post by thanking Cadde for his work on this latest version of E2S. Without his coding skills I would not be able to make such a great release! Also, I want to thank Matdom1988 (MDModding) and SiSL for the content they created for this release. Lastly, I want to thank all the users on our forums for testing beta releases and providing valuable feedback to us.

    If I forgot anyone, I apologize. My brain cells are running on low at the moment. :) I promise I'll make up for it.

    Head over to the Download page to get your fresh copy of E2S! :)


    More information about new features will be posted in the following days. :)

    Tuesday, January 5, 2016

    Public beta of ETS2 Studio 0.7 available

    Hello! For all interested, there is a fresh public beta available on our forums for you guys to try out!

    More information and a download link can be found on our official forums.

    Sunday, September 20, 2015

    ETS2 Studio V Released

    Howdy partners!

    We're getting better at this! This time, it took us only four months to come up with a new version. And, what a version it is! To see what we have added in V.0.6.2, take a look at the post that announced the release of the beta version.

    Since the beta, there was a couple of fixes and tweaks:
    • New trailer: Aerodynamic by Matdom1988
    • Fixed missing trailer shadows in freight market
    • Fixed merge issues with CoolLiner trailer
    • Added right-click menu in cargo editor with option to select all companies
    • Fixed bug with truck template editor - now it works with Mercedes Antos by D3S Design
    • Fixed bug with wrong cabin internal name for Scania T by RJL
    • Added trailer skin templates in a folder named "Templates"
    • ... and some other minor fixes ...
    So, where can you find this new version of ETS2 Studio?
    As always: on our Downloads page!

    Don't forget - one of the major features of this release is the possibility to add your own trailers to the application. To read a bit more about the whole (quite complicated) process, take a look at the blog post where we describe the nuts and bolts of our trailer template system.

    The last version of ETS2 Studio (v0.6.1.8) generated 26005 downloads. That's a staggering number that took us by surprise. Of course, we want to know what our users think, and that's why we have prepared a little...

    ETS2 Studio Poll

    It's a 10 question poll that will give us valuable insight into what you think about our little application. We would very much appreciate if you could spare some time and answer the questions. The poll is, of course, completely anonymous.

    Of course, feel free to visit our or SCS forums if you ever need any help with the use of E2S.

    Have fun! :)

    Saturday, August 15, 2015

    Nuts and bolts of the trailer tool templates

    Adding a trailer to ETS2 Studio is not easy at all. This feature is actually intended for experienced modders who know how trailers are created and who know their way around Blender. For the moment, trailer templates are compatible with 50keda's Blender2SCS plugin. In the future, we'll test how things work with SCS Software's Blender Tools as well.

    If you take a look at the folder structure of the application, you'll see that we have a couple of additional folders:


    Default folder is meant to hold trailer templates that we provide with the application. Templates folder is meant to hold templates that users add to the application. Includes folder holds the files that are used to include the trailers and traffic (AI) trailers to the game.

    If you take a look at the structure of a template, you'll notice that it's now structured like the exported trailer mod would be structured. It has the same file and folder structure, with the exception of some files and folders containing variables in their names.

    Variables like:


    Application replaces these placeholders with proper values when exporting mod.
    Also, the same variables are found in the sii files that are now a part of the template. Before, the application was creating these files at export, but now it just takes them from the template. This way, everyone can tune their templates however they wish.

    One of the most important elements of the template is the Search String. This is the part of the internal paths in PMD files, TOBJ files (...) that needs to be replaced with the new trailer Internal Name. Usually, the Search String matches the folder name where you originally exported the trailer with Blender. If unsure, you can always open some of the MAT files with a text editor and check the folder name in them.

    One of the material files in a trailer template mod has a line like this:

    texture[0] : "/vehicle/trailer_eu/coolln/textures/cool_liner.tobj"

    Notice the coolln in the path. That is the Search String.

    Of course, all PMD files should be exported from blender to the same folder, together with all other necessary files (materials, textures, etc...).

    I think that's basically it. Take a look, try it out, and let me know what you think. :)
    And, of course - if you need more info - just ask.

    Wednesday, August 12, 2015

    New ETS2 Studio public beta available (v0.6.2.5)

    My fellow geeks! Here's a new chew toy for us all to destroy... The one and only - ETS2 Studio !!!

    New mod manifest editor

    Trailer tool with new trailers

    ETS2 Studio version info

    New trailer template editor

    This one is named "Majestic R.I.P." to honor the passing of the last imaginary brand from this world... or, better yet - ETS2 world.

    There's a lot of "under the hood" changes in this version. Most of the things you won't be able to see...
    But, we do have a couple of tasty treats for you as well. We're happy to announce that Matdom1988 joined our small team, and together with him, we have constructed a powerful new trailer template system. He also prepared a bunch of new trailers for you to enjoy! Read on, and have a go. We'll be grateful for all your bug reports.

    What's new in this one?


    • New tool: Mod manifest editor
    • Improved image loading to reduce errors due to locked files

    Truck database:

    • Added a new truck: Mercedes Actros (2014)
    • Renamed old Majestic into Mercedes
    • Some preview images updated

    Trailer tool:

    • Completely re-written: Now supports trailer templates
    • Trailers properly supporting LODs
    • New double-sided trailers by Matdom1988
    • Additional trailers (SCS, Flemming V) prepared by Matdom1988

    Cargo editor:

    • New companies from Scandinavia DLC
    • Company groups

    ... and a lot more (probably)  8-)

    Public beta is available to registered users of our forums!

    Sunday, May 17, 2015

    List of companies in Scandinavia DLC

    Here's a list of companies in the Scandinavia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. 
    The list contains company name, company internal name (folder name), and cargo direction. io means in and out, while i stands for in. Marina is a bit weird, since there's no in or out folders in the DLC definition files. All these companies should show up in the next version of ETS2 Studio, but untill than, you can add them manually using our Company Template Editor in E2S options.

    Agronord             agronord     io
    ARIA Food            aria_fd_albg io
    ARIA Food            aria_fd_esbj io
    ARIA Food            aria_fd_jnpg io
    ARIA Food            aria_fd_trbg io
    Bjork                bjork        io
    Drekkar Trans        drekkar      io
    GNT                  gnt          io
    Ika Bohag            ika_bohag    io
    Konstnorr            konstnr      io
    Konstnorr            konstnr_br   io
    Konstnorr            konstnr_hs   io
    Konstnorr            konstnr_wind io
    MS Stein             ms_stein     io
    Nordic Crown         nord_crown   io
    Nordic Stenbrott     nord_sten    io
    Norrfood             norr_food    io
    Norrsken             norrsken     io
    NS Chemicals         ns_chem      io
    NS Oil               ns_oil       io
    Polar Fish           polar_fish   io
    Polarislines         polarislines io
    Renar Logistik       renar        io
    Sag & Tre            sag_tre      io
    Scania Dealership    scania_dlr   io
    Scania Truck Factory scania_fac   io
    Vitas Power          vitas_pwr    io
    Volvo Truck Factory  volvo_fac    io
    VPC                  vpc          io

    BHV                  bhv          i
    Container port       cont_port    i
    Volvo Dealership     volvo_dlr    i

    Marina               marina