Monday, November 26, 2018

Blast from the past: First ETS2 Studio Versions

This is a first in a series of blog posts that's going to bring you up-to-speed on the current developments of Mods Studio project. Let's begin by taking a stroll trough our old releases...

The first publicly available version was numbered v.0.3and it was released on October 6th, 2013.

Main Window

Main window
Main window of the app was a MDI form with only a couple of options: File, Tools and About. I'm still a fan of old-school MDI windows, and still think this was probably the best design that we ever had.

Tools menu
Pictured is the tools menu. The initial version (0.3) had only the first two options, but we added more and more with each release.


SCS Archive Extractor
SCS archive extractor was just a simple user interface that used SCS Software's own extractor command line tool to do the work.

Tobj File Editor
Before E2S, most modding tutorials required use of Hex editors to edit the TOBJ files. Not to mention, the method of padding file and similar practices of the time...

Workshop Icon Generator
Simple tool to create workshop icons, as many mods missed them back in the day. Later, the tool was expanded with and "overlay" option and the "default icon" template.

SCS Color Calculator
A simple two-way tool to convert between SCS and RGB color spaces.

Main tools (Mod projects)

This was the bread and butter of E2S: Standalone trailers tool and Truck Skin tool. Initial version had only the trailers tool and only 2 trailers at that. That's actually why I made E2S: I was not happy with 'replacement' trailer skins as I believe mods should add content and not replace it. On the other hand, making standalone trailers was a painstaking process.

Two main project options (v.0.4)
Two main types of projects in v.0.4 - the idea was to add more with each release. Unfortunately, when we created a brand "new" UI (around v., I think) - we limited ourselves to these two + variable editor. In retrospect, a bad move.

Trailer tool: Trailer type selection

Trailer tool: Skin selection

Trailer tool: Cargo editor

Trailer tool: Cargo selection
Trailer tool offered stock SCS trailer types, and a list of standard SCS companies to deliver cargo from/to. Skins were DDS in the first version, but soon we offered option to use PNG, as many of our users didn't have tools to edit DDS images. Later versions had options to edit the list of trailers, companies...

Truck skin tool - truck selection

Truck skin tool - skin image selection

Truck skin tool - properties

Truck skin tool - workshop icon
Truck skin tool offered all SCS trucks and 50keda's 2009 Scania R, the most popular mod truck of the time. (Later, we added option to add mod trucks). All of the tools featured validation (Right side of the window), that showed the user what they are missing for a working mod. I still am proud of the design and functionality of our first ETS2 Studio.


First E2S was built using Visual Studio and was coded in C#. All of the UI was done in Windows Forms, and as the title says - it was Windows only. We used some external libraries to convert PNG to DDS, zip/unzip files and such. Also, we used SCS Software's own tools (extractor), and some base files for the trailers.

Next post will deal with the Mods Studio version that most of you know and have used for a long time, and after that, we'll get into the under the hood things of the upcoming Mods Studio 2.0.
So, folks, stay tuned!


  1. Hallo,

    ich habe versucht in ETS2 eine Truckmod zu erstellen wiesonst auch immer, und mit ist aufgefallen dass einige Mods nicht gehen obwohl sie im Modmanager angezeigt werden, aber wenn ich dann den Skin anwenden will geht es nicht. Sicherheitshalber habe ich einen Skin von vor ca. 1-2 Wochen probiert und festgestellt, das dieser geht, aber als ich die Mod mit der selben DDS erstellt habe wird das erwähnte Problem kommen!

    Thanks for Anwers!

  2. diese firma sollte angeblich ein ubdate am 31.12 spätestens veröffentlichen aber leider passiert hier ja nix ist ja nicht so das man schon ein halbes Jahr wartet. echt traurig

    1. Ich habe mal den Autor gefragt, und er sagte das er daran Arbeitet!

  3. Nice program but, how can we download this?

  4. Nice work, doing my skins without problems with this tool. Looking forward...

    Gut Ding will Weile haben. :)

  5. I already download the program and used png or dds skin. I chose scs profiliner trailer in the program and did the rest step by step. Finally paste the scs mod file in My documents ETS2 Mod file. then run the game and activated the Mod but the trailer mod didnt appear in the trailer search, nor in the dealer, nor in anywhere. I`m using Original game version: and I downloaded the last version of ETS2 Studio. Any help?