Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cistern trailers hotfix for 0.5.6

We have narrowed down the issue with the fuel cistern trailer and produced a data hot-fix for ETS 2 Studio 0.5.6.
In other words, this is not a version increase but a download for those who are making standalone trailers based on the Fuel Cistern trailer.


Grab the hot-fix here:

Find your ETS 2 Studio 0.5.6 installation folder...

Click to enlarge:
This start-menu entry will only be there if you installed ETS 2 Studio with the start menu option.

Extract the contents of the archive into your ETS 2 Studio 0.5.6 folder, replacing all files and folder it asks for. (If it doesn't ask for replacement then you didn't extract the "data" folder from the archive to the root folder of ETS 2 Studio 0.5.6)

Done, from this point onward ETS 2 Studio will not create Fuel Cistern trailers with broken back lights and/or errors in the game log.

For the advanced

If you want to update your existing Fuel Cistern stand alone trailers, extract the two files (plain.tobj and plain1.tobj) to a folder and use ETS 2 Studio's TOBJ editor (Tools->TOBJ Editor) and set the path to your trailers "" file.

Only adding the internal trailer name to the path is necessary, for example...


If your trailer was named "cocacola" internally (shows in the path of the mod) then the path to "" file would be...


Notice how "cis_fuel" is changed to "cocacola"...?
Done, place those two .tobj files in your mod archive, replacing those in place from before. That mod is now repaired.


We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, this wasn't something that is easily found. Thanks to all that reported the issue so we caught it now.
This will be fixed for good in the next version of ETS 2 Studio.

(Hotfix and post by Cadde)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New version (0.5.6) is out, and a little teaser (0.6)...

Even though we're working hard on the 0.6 version, it's just not ready to be released yet. And, since there's a new truck in ETS2, we had to release one more 'intermediate' version.

So, without further ado:

Version 0.5.6 is out.
New features in V0.5.6:
  • Scania Streamline support in the truck skin generator tool
  • Workshop icon overlay option
  • Fixed cargo generator file access bug (hopefully)
  • Fixed dds image load/save bug (hopefully)
  • A lot of other bug fixes
Here's a couple of screenies, so you can see what I'm talking about:

Scania Streamline

Workshop icon tool - icon image without overlay

Workshop icon tool - icon image with overlay

And, here's a couple of teaser images of the upcoming 0.6 release:

Looking good, ha? :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Help Wanted!

Before moving on with the development of ETS2 Studio, I wanted to assemble a small development team for this and some interesting future projects. 8-)

Who am I'm looking for?

  • Beta Testers:
    People with various modding skils and various PC configurations that would test new versions prior to release.
  • Programmers:
    ETS2 Studio is written in .NET - C#, but all programmers are welcome! 
  • Web Developers:
    Someone to help with web-development tasks.
  • Modders:
    Someone who enjoys creating great mods.
  • Graphic Artists:
    We need graphics for the application(s), for website(s), etc...
    Someone who can create icons, touch-up screenshots, etc...
  • Modelers:
    Would be nice if someone in the team is good around blender...
  • Video Producers:
    Someone to make tutorial/promotional videos for our team.
  • Writers:
    Someone to write articles on our websites, eg: Tutorials for our application
  • Anyone that can help:
    If you think that you can help, but you don't fit into above categories...

All projects are for fun. That means we don't have fixed deadlines or anything of that sort.
I'm willing to share my knowledge, and I'm willing to learn.

More people would mean faster updates of ETS2 Studio, and a possibility to see interesting new projects. :)

So, If you want to be a rock star, join the team :)

If anyone's interested, you can contact me:
- here on this web site
- on SCS Forum (my username: WerewolfCustoms)

Version 0.6 News:

Don't worry - version 0.6 is in the works. But, since I want to make it bug free, and add a lot of new features, it's going to take a while to complete. I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Use PNG images for skins in ETS2!

Today I have released a new version. (0.4.2)

This was mainly to fix bugs, but I didn't want to release a new version without some new stuff in it.

So, from v0.4.2, you can use PNG images for workshop icons and truck/trailer skins. You don't need to convert them to DDS files, ETS2 studio does that for you. :)

Pretty neat, ha? :)

More image formats can/will be added. Let me know what you need/want, and I'll add it (if possible). :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Version 0.4 just released - Three new tools available!


I've just released the ETS2 Studio v0.4.

What's new?

  • Truck Skin Generator
    This tool let's you select a skin DDS file, enter a couple of properties (like skin price, skin name, etc...) and click Export. All necessary files (sii defs, workshop icons...) are created for you and packed into a scs mod file.
  • Workshop Icon Generator
    With this tool you can quickly create a workshop icon for your newest tuning addon or paintjob. Just select the DDS file of your icon, and click export! And you're done. :)
  • SCS<>RGB Color Calculator
    Have you noticed that SCS definition files have some weird RGB values in them? Well, here's a tool that will help you convert those SCS RGB values into a regular RGB combination. (And the other way around!) To top it all off, you can use a handy color picker, and even a hex combination! :)

Hope you like it!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

First public release is here!

The first public release of ETS2 Studio is here! Take a look at the screenshots, change log, and if you like it - you can download it.

Of course, it's 100% free.

Sorry about the excessive ads, but they (in theory) should cover the cost of coffee that was consumed while working on ETS2 Studio. :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Site on-line

This is the first post here. It looks like this thing works :)