Sunday, October 13, 2013

Version 0.4 just released - Three new tools available!


I've just released the ETS2 Studio v0.4.

What's new?

  • Truck Skin Generator
    This tool let's you select a skin DDS file, enter a couple of properties (like skin price, skin name, etc...) and click Export. All necessary files (sii defs, workshop icons...) are created for you and packed into a scs mod file.
  • Workshop Icon Generator
    With this tool you can quickly create a workshop icon for your newest tuning addon or paintjob. Just select the DDS file of your icon, and click export! And you're done. :)
  • SCS<>RGB Color Calculator
    Have you noticed that SCS definition files have some weird RGB values in them? Well, here's a tool that will help you convert those SCS RGB values into a regular RGB combination. (And the other way around!) To top it all off, you can use a handy color picker, and even a hex combination! :)

Hope you like it!


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