Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Help Wanted!

Before moving on with the development of ETS2 Studio, I wanted to assemble a small development team for this and some interesting future projects. 8-)

Who am I'm looking for?

  • Beta Testers:
    People with various modding skils and various PC configurations that would test new versions prior to release.
  • Programmers:
    ETS2 Studio is written in .NET - C#, but all programmers are welcome! 
  • Web Developers:
    Someone to help with web-development tasks.
  • Modders:
    Someone who enjoys creating great mods.
  • Graphic Artists:
    We need graphics for the application(s), for website(s), etc...
    Someone who can create icons, touch-up screenshots, etc...
  • Modelers:
    Would be nice if someone in the team is good around blender...
  • Video Producers:
    Someone to make tutorial/promotional videos for our team.
  • Writers:
    Someone to write articles on our websites, eg: Tutorials for our application
  • Anyone that can help:
    If you think that you can help, but you don't fit into above categories...

All projects are for fun. That means we don't have fixed deadlines or anything of that sort.
I'm willing to share my knowledge, and I'm willing to learn.

More people would mean faster updates of ETS2 Studio, and a possibility to see interesting new projects. :)

So, If you want to be a rock star, join the team :)

If anyone's interested, you can contact me:
- here on this web site
- on SCS Forum (my username: WerewolfCustoms)

Version 0.6 News:

Don't worry - version 0.6 is in the works. But, since I want to make it bug free, and add a lot of new features, it's going to take a while to complete. I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading!