Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ETS2 Addons 2014 Xmas Competition

Ho Ho Ho! Thanks to SCS Software, Santa is very happy with all you virtual truckers out there! That's why he sent us 15 games to give away in a ETS2 Addons 2014 Xmas Competition! Take a look at our glorious ETS2 Addons Scania delivering the prizes right now! :)

We have decided to host three separate competitions - one for modders, one for our users, and one for our hard working staff members! :) Here's the award list for each of our competitions:

Perfect mod competition 

1st place: 

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Trucking Fan DLC Bundle 
  • Classic SCS driving game 
  • Simulator or driving game 
2nd place: 

  • Classic SCS driving game 
  • Simulator or driving game 
3rd place:

  • Classic SCS driving game 

Registered users competition

1st place:

  • Classic SCS driving game 
  • Simulator or driving game 
  • Other category game 

2nd place: 

  • Classic SCS driving game 
  • Other games 

3rd place: 

  • Other category game 

Staff members competition 

1st place: 

  • Classic SCS driving game 

2nd place: 

  • Simulator or driving game 

3rd place: 

  • Other category game 

And, here's the list of games that we are giving away: 

Classic SCS driving games:
- Euro Truck Simulator
- Bus Driver
- Scania Truck Driving Simulator (2 Copies)
- Trucks & Trailers (2 Copies)

Simulator and driving games:
- Ski Region Simulator: Gold Edition
- Farming World
- Taxi (2 Copies)

Other games:
- Rulers of Nations (2 Copies)
- Imperial Glory
- Praetorians

Winners will be served on a first-come-first-served basis when it comes to picking up prizes.

Rules of the competition? 

The competition ends on 24th December 2014. To enter the modding contest, just upload a new mod, or a new release of your current mod on website in the time period stated above. To enter a content for users, you have to be registered on website, and be an active member. Meaning - you have to vote, post quality comments, etc... Staff members are already included in the competition, and will be chosen mostly based on the popularity of their mods on the site. All updates in the competition will be posted here and on WerewolfSoft forums. Winners need Steam to get the prizes. Winners will need to register on WerewolfSoft forums to choose the prizes. So, if there's any questions... you can post them here :) P.S. Our sites are experiencing server issues, so they might be off-line from time to time. Please bear with us.

ETS 2 Addons site?

Yes, it's a website developed by the same team of ETS2 enthusiasts that developed ETS2 Studio. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Adding the new DAF Euro 6 to ETS2 Studio

Since a lot of you asked, here's how to add the new DAF XF Euro 6 to ETS2 Studio.
Go to the truck database (in options), and add a new truck. All the data you need to enter can be seen on the screenshot. (...and is also listed below with importaint stuff written in bold).

For detailed information on how to add a truck into E2S, read the blog post we wrote on how to add 50keda's DAF XF105.

Truck name: DAF XF Euro6
Truck internal name: daf.xf_euro6
Author: SCS Software

Cabins:  (InternalName/Name)
superspace/Super Space
spacespoiler/Space Aero

There's a bug in our application that can prevent the skin from showing up in the game. If that happens, create the skin again, but leave the 'Suitable for' cabin options as they are by default.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

ETS2 Studio Guide v1.0

Baja002 wrote an excellent guide about skin making. He covered everything you need to know, including some Photoshop basics. The guide is distributed in pdf, doc and docx file formats. All three files are neatly packed in a zip or rar archive, depending on your preference.

Here are the download links:

ZIP Archive:

RAR Archive:

Both files are hosted on MediaFire.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to import 50keda's DAF into ETS2 Studio

Hey guys'n'girls!

A couple of days ago, 50keda released his awesome DAF XF by 50k on SCS Forums.

Here's an image, so you can see what I'm talking about ;-)

With exceptional mod quality, and superb attention to detail - 50keda made sure this truck will become as legendary as his Scania R2008. And, that means that a lot of people will want to skin this DAF.

Latest release of ETS2 Studio allows users to add any mod truck to the application's database. So, we have tried importing this DAF to our application, just to make sure everything works fine... well. It doesn't. :) To be hones, we would be surprised if anything that we build works like intended. :)

Thankfully, there are no serious errors. Our application just can't properly read cabin names for this truck. And, that's an easy fix. We have prepared simple instructions, so read on.
  1. Open up your ETS2 Studio settings dialog. (Application menu -> Options)
  2. Select 'Truck Database' tab and click 'Add truck'
  3. Click 'Load from mod' and open 50keda's DAF mod. (Default file name is 50k_DAF_XF_v1.scs)
  4. The application should load data like this:
    (Click here for a bigger image - opens in a new window)
  5. Change the truck name to: DAF XF
  6. Enter author name: 50Keda
  7. If you wish, select a preview image.
  8. This is the important part: Edit internal names for all cab variants. Click on the cab variant internal name that you wish to edit, and enter these values:
    1. Space: space_cab
    2. Space with painted mask: space_cab_p
    3. Space Cab Plus: s_cab_plus
    4. Space with Side spoiler: s_cab_plus1
    5. Space with Side spoiler & painted mask: s_cab_plus1p
    6. Space Cab Plus with painted mask: s_cab_plus_p
    7. Super Space: super_s_cab
    8. Super Space with painted mask: super_s_cabp
  9. Your Truck Template Editor window should now look something like this:
    (Click here for a bigger image - opens in a new window)

  10. Click 'Save Truck Template' and you're done.
If you completed the ten above steps successfully, when you return to the Truck Skin Editor, you'll see something like this:

And, on the Skin Properties tab, you'll see all cab variants like this:

Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll fix this little bug in the next version of E2S. It will load truck cab names automatically like it should.

Have fun!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Truck Template Editor bug - database.wtt file missing

Sorry guys, but we forgot to include some folders and files into the installation package. That's why you're getting an error when trying to add a custom mod truck to the application.

We'll fix this error with the next release of E2S, but until then - here's a quick fix:

Go to your E2S installation directory, and open the \data\trucks folder.
In there, create a folder named templates .

That should solve your problems, and you should be able to add mod trucks to ETS2 Studio.

Thank you all for reporting the bug, and sorry for any inconvenience.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Finally, the 0.6 is out!

It took us ages to complete it, but now it's here!

Please un-install any older versions before installing the new one.

Enjoy it! :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Programmers wanted!

We are looking for another programmer

(Text by Cadde)

While me and WerewolfCustoms are working hard day to day to reach the next release of ETS 2 Studio we are just two guys who are doing this on the spare time we have available to us. This of course means we can only ever work so much on the application and all the things that revolve around it. (Because this is just one part of a much greater project with quite a few guys working on it together.)

So out of need and wishes to have another nice fella in our group to code together with, we have a slot open for anyone that can provide assistance with programming.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a mature person (age, gender, location is of little concern to us) that knows the C# language well. Who is able to speak and write in English and who isn't afraid of making new friends.
We will be keeping contact over Skype and separate forums and we will be utilizing TeamViewer from time to time to work in tandem or show issues/techniques that are of relevance to the project.
You will need Visual Studio 2013 (the express version is fine but may fall short in certain areas) and you will need a Microsoft account since we are using TFS to work on the project.

Your skills in programming doesn't need to be top grade but to be able to understand what we are doing you still need some experience or you will be lost most of the time when looking at our code and we do need good code written should you provide such.
Both me and WerewolfCustoms are self taught programmers who learned to program due to our love for programming. So we aren't looking for educated programmers, we are looking for good programmers. (For whatever that is worth)

There are no time schedules to keep, you do as much or as little work as you want to do. We don't hold you responsible for finishing something in a certain time frame, we are all doing this on our spare time when we want to. We do of course want to do as much as we possibly can when we have the time to spare.
If you don't have much time then don't worry about it, we are looking for any help we can get no matter how big or small.

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who enjoys programming and wants to learn, share and even teach others new techniques. And someone who is willing to be a good friend, share a laugh and works well with other people. We are a team... No we are more than a team, we are good friends who have a passion for programming and the modding community!

How to apply

If what has been written already matches your description then we would love to hear from you!
You can send me (Cadde) or WerewolfCustoms a PM and we will get you introduced and get a feel for you as both a person and a programmer.
Fear not, we are nice guys and we will treat you with respect at all times.

We will of course want to see examples of your own code so we can get a grasp on how much experience you have and we will ask questions to get to know you better.

Some questions and answers, ahead of time

Q: "Will i get paid?"
A: "Sorry but no, we are doing this free of charge for the benefits of the community. We cannot afford to hire someone nor would we want to, we do this to grow ourselves and because it's FUN."

Q: "Will i be credited? How will i be mentioned?"
A: "Of course you will, even if you designed a single tool you will be credited equally to the rest of us. We are all of equal worth irregardless of how much we have contributed."

Q: "Do you have a leadership/chain of command structure?"
A: "WerewolfCustoms is the original author of ETS 2 Studio and holds a team lead position but beyond that formality we are all equals in position and stature. We don't issue orders, we all agree on what should be done and even so, we expect each other to be self sufficient and come up with new ideas and code on our own."

Q: "I heard there are donations to the project, what are those for?"
A: "They will be used for the longevity of the project. Such as paying for server space and possibly a few cups of coffee for those who need it. We are not doing this for the money, we are merely using donations as a means to an end. To enable us to expand the project further."

Q: "What if i don't dare to show my code, i am afraid it won't be up to par."
A: "We are not judgmental, if your code shows promise then we will give you the necessary details to make it fit with ours. We all have our strong and weak points. I have seen it all already so i will not be shocked."


Any other questions will be handled in PM and Skype conversations as needed.

Original text was published on SCS forums by Cadde.