Thursday, May 1, 2014

ETS2 Studio Guide v1.0

Baja002 wrote an excellent guide about skin making. He covered everything you need to know, including some Photoshop basics. The guide is distributed in pdf, doc and docx file formats. All three files are neatly packed in a zip or rar archive, depending on your preference.

Here are the download links:

ZIP Archive:

RAR Archive:

Both files are hosted on MediaFire.


  1. Great guides for getting started and learning the interface - I also saw the great tutorial on importing a truck. I just have one question - is it possible to import trailers also? I wish to reskin a series for the aerodynamic trailer and it is not in the lost of trailers for this tool. I'd also love to try to bring in some of the other available trailers as I ama trailer painter and not a truck painter.

  2. Current version of E2S does not support trailer importing. We have it planned for the future versions.

  3. hey from a modder who has come back from a long break... to find this wonderful tool.. can i suggest a few idea's... like support for the new metallic textures, the ability to add ai in, for retexturing. if so i will continue to make video tutorials using such a wonderful tool... did i say its a wonderful tool lol.. anyway both video's ive done so far are below.. hope you dont mind :)

  4. Please update the links, it's corrupted.