Thursday, July 4, 2019

New Mods Studio 2 finally released

It's finally here - an early access version of Mods Studio 2 has been released on SCS Software forum.

The most requested features are available:

  • Truck skins (old, classic type)
  • Truck skins (advanced type for Scania NextGen and MAN E6)
  • Owned trailer skins (ETS2 only at the moment)

This is an early preview version - development is still going on so expect more features and improvements on a monthly basis.


  1. Hi Martin. i downloaded this mods studio as my old one with scs update stop't working. The problim i sit with is, mod is in ETS2 modshop, but it is red, not compatible with new scs update. Is this up to date with scs 1.35 update. please help here, I'm stuck with unfinich mod and trailer skins.

  2. Can anyone just upload a damn tutorial that works as I been having no luck getting my skin to work not even sure the program works as it should

  3. Hey,
    my Mods Studio crashes when im tryin to create a old skin, can you help me?

  4. crashes when clickin on new project-ets2-simple skin (advanced skin too)