Thursday, July 4, 2019

New Mods Studio 2 finally released

It's finally here - an early access version of Mods Studio 2 has been released on SCS Software forum.

The most requested features are available:

  • Truck skins (old, classic type)
  • Truck skins (advanced type for Scania NextGen and MAN E6)
  • Owned trailer skins (ETS2 only at the moment)

This is an early preview version - development is still going on so expect more features and improvements on a monthly basis.


  1. Hi Martin. i downloaded this mods studio as my old one with scs update stop't working. The problim i sit with is, mod is in ETS2 modshop, but it is red, not compatible with new scs update. Is this up to date with scs 1.35 update. please help here, I'm stuck with unfinich mod and trailer skins.

  2. Can anyone just upload a damn tutorial that works as I been having no luck getting my skin to work not even sure the program works as it should

  3. Hey,
    my Mods Studio crashes when im tryin to create a old skin, can you help me?

  4. crashes when clickin on new project-ets2-simple skin (advanced skin too)

  5. I get the mod to show up in the game, but the paint job is nowhere to be found, any ideas how to fix?

  6. Kann keine Bezeichnung eingeben
    MfG maik

    1. Ich auch nicht, kann gar nichts eingeben. Nur den Skin und das Icon kann ich Laden. Alles andere Funktioniert nicht. Ich denke mal das war es dann mit ETS2 Modstudio wieder für die nächsten 2 Jahre -.-

  7. I find it difficult to select the text to write, I have to do 800 clicks before it starts :/ disappointed

  8. The best thing to do if your having problems is to use the old mods studio till they fix the problem. And it might help with those in game errors

  9. One thing i would like to see it the option to add trucks like the old one since i could put the skin that goes to that truck without causing errors and once the trailer skin come out for ats the ability to add trailer mod so that you can add those skin to the correct trailer instead of using other defs and changing them in my opinion it would make it easier and would cause less problems. I like the layout it just lacks many options that you dont get like the ats studio and ets 2 studio that had more options.

  10. This Programm not Work. I can fil Mod Name, Skin Internal name so, Nothing i can do in this Prog. What .exe i must use to use this prog???

  11. Mods Studio 2 v.2019.04 - "Export failed!"
    Kann für MAN TGX Euro 6 kein Skin exportieren. MAN TGX funktioniert dafür.

    Hat jemand vielleicht schon eine Lösung? Hänge schon 2 Tage daran ..
    Mods Studio 2 v.2019.04 - "Export failed!"
    Can not export a skin for MAN TGX Euro 6. MAN TGX works for it.

    Does anyone have a solution? Hang on it for 2 days ..

  12. Looks Nice but doesnt works, you can put in all the data and at the export file save it stops gives errors that ar not asked in the base file

  13. It keeps saying "export failed", help plz

  14. It keeps saying "export failed", help plz