Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New ETS2 Studio public beta available (v0.6.2.5)

My fellow geeks! Here's a new chew toy for us all to destroy... The one and only - ETS2 Studio !!!

New mod manifest editor

Trailer tool with new trailers

ETS2 Studio version info

New trailer template editor

This one is named "Majestic R.I.P." to honor the passing of the last imaginary brand from this world... or, better yet - ETS2 world.

There's a lot of "under the hood" changes in this version. Most of the things you won't be able to see...
But, we do have a couple of tasty treats for you as well. We're happy to announce that Matdom1988 joined our small team, and together with him, we have constructed a powerful new trailer template system. He also prepared a bunch of new trailers for you to enjoy! Read on, and have a go. We'll be grateful for all your bug reports.

What's new in this one?


  • New tool: Mod manifest editor
  • Improved image loading to reduce errors due to locked files

Truck database:

  • Added a new truck: Mercedes Actros (2014)
  • Renamed old Majestic into Mercedes
  • Some preview images updated

Trailer tool:

  • Completely re-written: Now supports trailer templates
  • Trailers properly supporting LODs
  • New double-sided trailers by Matdom1988
  • Additional trailers (SCS, Flemming V) prepared by Matdom1988

Cargo editor:

  • New companies from Scandinavia DLC
  • Company groups

... and a lot more (probably)  8-)

Public beta is available to registered users of our forums!


  1. dont work login page!!! Only big funny :P

  2. do i need to post any amount of posts in forum to get acess to this public beta version?
    i have used your software before, and would love to see the new things in the tool, but only registered in the forum today for it.... :/

    1. No, you should be able to access the beta section of the forum without posting... I guess. Please take a look, and if you still can't get it, let me know and I'll activate your user manually.

    2. dont see a beta section on forums. only see download topic, and a notice about dropbox not able to match the download ammount lol. nothing about the beta version :/
      forum username is fudoido btw, in case any manual action is needed.

    3. nvm, made a refresh and new section popped up. downloading and testing as soon i can. thanks marin :)

    4. I have the same problem as Marco, but I still can't see 'beta' when i refresh! Help?

  3. Is there a way to select all companies at once? I keep clicking xD

    1. For now, you have to click. When the full version gets released, it'll have the option to select all. :)

    2. Now, with 8 new trailers and 50000000 clicks further, I'm really looking forward to the full version!

  4. Btw, is there a option to add other trucks into etsstudio? I want to add the Antos'12 to make my custom skin for the truck! Help?

    1. Adding trucks to E2S is possible. Go to Main Menu (Cog icon in top left corner) -> Options -> Truck Database -> Add Truck

      In most cases the 'Load From Mod' option works just fine, but I've just tested the Antos and it fails to read it automatically. That will be fixed for the main release. Until than, you can add it manually.

      Internal name:

      Cabin internal names:

      And that's basically it.

      Have fun! :)

  5. With the ETS2 1.20 public beta, the shadows of your custom skinned trailers don't have a texture!
    Do you know how to fix this?

    1. Yes, we noticed this. This weekend we're releasing the full version of E2S and this will be fixed. And, I'll write-up some instructions on how to fix current trailers.

    2. Yes, we noticed this. This weekend we're releasing the full version of E2S and this will be fixed. And, I'll write-up some instructions on how to fix current trailers.

    3. Any news about this? All of my custom trailers have lost their shadow textures now :(

    4. Mine lost them too! But the full version still isn't online.....

    5. Use this fix:

  6. I can't find the Beta download aticle, where is it? Signed up today for the forum.

  7. Ok... found article, but WinRAR says that the archive is corrupt.

  8. Where's the full version? I read that it would come out previous weekend! " :D

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  10. Is there a way so I can add modded trailers into etsstudio and skin them? Thx! :D

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  12. I need help regarding Ets2 Studio, I will add new trailers, but not sure of what I'm doing wrong? Please help me.
    Has a tutorial explaining?