Monday, July 23, 2018

Development of new Mods Studio starts in August

Hello everyone, it's been too long!

So, development of brand new Mods Studio is just about to start...

For the last couple of years, I've been working on a game, together with my wife. Yesterday, we finally submitted the game build for release. It's coming out on Steam on August 1st. For anyone interested, here's a little video:

So, with this project finished, I finally have time to make a new Mods Studio version. There are a lot of ideas flying around as what and how it should be made. One thing is for sure - it will be made in small steps. First step is to create a decent code base for the project. Second, we'll build the specific mod tools on that. 

As we all know, SCS is building a complete new trailer system (where you can own and modify your trailers). That's going to be a new challenge for us - figuring out the new system and finding a way to reproduce the trailers.

Another challenge is to make it work on all platforms: Windows, MacOS and Linux. The question here is, is the time and effort justifiable, since only 3% of players don't use Windows.

Going open source with the project will also be a challenge, sine I never coordinated such a project.

In any case, I'm hyped about the new Mods Studio project. I guess I needed some time off to get the spark back. :) See you soon with more news about the development.


  1. Do it'll include MAN TGX Euro6 by MADster?

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  3. Hey this is really, really great news. I know since the Studio kinda went dormant, I've had to go back and learn to skin things the hard way again. And while I'm now comfortable skinning without the Studio, I would love for the tool to make my life a bit easier and know it will be a big boon to the less knowledgeable in the community. I wish I could help you guys make the program, but I just know nothing about programming, so the most I will be able to do is offer my verbal support and maybe a bit of monetary support as well.

  4. Really cool to hear some good news. Since studio get out of range in 1.26, because the pmd, pmg have change format, i've learned to skin by my self. The same thing for the new skins format, by scs, that i find a little bot dificult at the beginning. But it's really cool to notice that such project is back to live. I wish you luck in your new project!!

  5. Thank you for coming back to this handy software. I'm too dumb to take on the game files to turn my skins into mods, so this always helped me a lot. This is surely good news.

  6. Electron perhaps? Open source sounds great for the project! Hope to help out.

    1. Indeed, It looks like the UI part of the app will be built using Electron. Base of the app will be a .Net Core multiplatform console app, and 3D preview will be made in Unity.

  7. Can you tell us maybe how long can it took to develop the new version of the ETS2 Studio?

  8. Where do we download the new beta, The forum has been down for weeks.

  9. darn, Munchies are addictive 😃
    hoping development of Studio is going in right direction !

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  11. How good to read that the new mod studio is coming
    Certainly they will be great challenges but we trust that you will achieve
    good luck and much success with your project, we hope

    Saludos desde Bolivia

  12. great stuff new version coming mod i have used great been able to see you own name and design on your truck.