Monday, April 4, 2016

ATS Mods Studio updates

Over the past weeks we have been working hard on ATS Mods Studio, and some other cool things as well. First (closed) beta versions are already released on our forums, and we have successfully created mods.

First ever screenshot of our new ATS Mods Studio

First Trailer created with ATS Mods Studio
@adog1997, a member of our forum and a contributor in our campaign published a mod made with our new tool on Steam Workshop. Check it out here!

First ATS Mods Studio created trailer published on Steam Workshop
And, of course - we're still working hard on the 3D preview feature. Cadde has done some stellar work, and he's still full of great ideas... so, the future is bright for this one.

Alpha version screenshot of the 3D skin preview feature.
In the end, I would like to ask you guys to check out our IndieGogo campaign and also to share the word about it.



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  2. Is this releasing? I saw you guys didn't reach your goal..

    1. Yes, we'll release it. No worries :)
      It might be a bit slower than planned. Anyways - I do consider the campaign to be a success even though we did not reach our (optimistic) goal. :)

    2. When does i then gets released?

  3. Nice work, can you say when about you think the release will be? :)

  4. Month of May... no comment. June 16th still nothing? Did the project die? Oh well, We've waited this long. They probably have other projects or even life to take care of. patience is a virtue.
    Oh Come On!!!! I can't wait wait anymore! lol :p

  5. Probably the project was a success that the guys in charge did not have the time to update this post. Also waiting for updates which re-post via afterwards.

  6. would be really nice if they can compete this cuss people would really like to make their own trailer skins for ATS

  7. Would of been nice if you guys wouldnt of took peoples money then closed up shop without a word to anyone.

  8. i think your forums are down i cant get into it

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