Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mods Studio IndieGogo campaign is live!

Hey guys!

We have just launched an IndieGogo campaign for Mods Studio. Mods studio is a name we have given to the collection of ATS and ETS2 Studios.

It will help us speed up development of ATS Studio as well as new features for both ATS and ETS2 Studios. Please take a look:

Mods Studio for ATS and ETS2

also we have a new website:


  1. hi, I was testing your program, and wanted to warn for the new update that is in trouble in the chemical trailer, when it appears in traffic to appear and disappear wheels, and if possible leave the mod programming equal to the profiliner because when using coaches in the game the wheels disappear from all mods even when using the mod, the mod exception of profiliner with this no problem, thank you in advance.

  2. Hi! We know about some trailers having problems with LOD's causing wheels to disappear. Will be fixed soon.

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  4. There are many confusion regarding the use of both ATS and ETS2 Studios.Would you please share a video link regarding these two studio campaigns? The will let the people know about the benefits of knowing these two different studios?

  5. WOW! Good luck with your new projects. Now I solved a problem with such product and the only question I had is " Where to play Book of Ra slot? ". But, nah, this one is solved too. Life is good!

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  7. Hello.
    I havet a question regarding how to make my own skin/paintjob with ETS2studio.
    I've followed the instructions from the tortourials, and the troubleshooting and FAQ, but ETS2studio still shuts down every time I try to Export Mod.
    My file is a .png file, I open E2S as administrator, I delete files and folders inside the \temp\mod directory, I pick my Base Truck, on Skin Properties I fill out Skin name and Skin internal name (tre letters, no space), Skin type: Airbrush, Unlock at level:10, Skin price:1000, Set skin as stock.
    On Truck Skin I browse and open my PNG-file. I choose Use Default om Workshop Icon and then press the Export Mod button.
    Then I get a message that ETS 2 Studio have stopped working, and my only option is to close program. I've tried over and over for several days, I have made several PNG-files different ways just in case...
    Any idea where I go wrong/what may be the problem?

    Best regards

  8. Kein Wunder, dass es eine Wut geworden ist, ist die kürzest mögliche Zeit.

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