Sunday, January 10, 2016

ETS2 Studio V Released

Hello friends!

We're happy to announce a new version of ETS2 Studio. This version is named Caddellac - a tribute to our resident developer and green meanie - Cadde. At the same time, we're implying that our tool is the Cadillac of ETS2 tools. :)

Last minute surprise!

In the release notes for the public beta, we have announced that the new Mod Editor is the main new feature of this version. But, just hours ago, we have added three new trailers and also upgraded our Mod Merge tool.

What's new in V 0.7?


  • New tool: Mod editor
  • Windows explorer integration
  • On-line checking for updates (in Version Info dialog)
  • Removed the ability to lock the mods created with E2S

  • Trailer tool:
    • New trailer: Container by MDModding
    • New trailer: Fridge by MDModding
    • New trailer: Schmitz by Rommi TZ
    Truck skin tool:

  • Truck skins can not be free any more. Minimum price is 1.

  • Mod merge tool:

    • Added option to overwrite conflicting files

    Templates and resources:
    • Included all default SCS cargoes as templates (can be found in templates folder)

    Famous last words

    I am truly grateful to all people who supported us so far, either by contributing to the project with their work, or with donations. You guys keep this project moving. In less than a month, a new game by SCS Software is coming out: American Truck Simulator. If you have missed it - you can get a free DLC for it just by following it on Steam. Our big wish is to create a similar mod tool for the new game as well. At the same time, we want to continue development of new features for E2S as well...
    Last version of E2S was downloaded over 26000 times in just over three months, so we have a lot of users that are expecting new features and updates. :) It looks like interesting times are coming.

    I would like to finish this post by thanking Cadde for his work on this latest version of E2S. Without his coding skills I would not be able to make such a great release! Also, I want to thank Matdom1988 (MDModding) and SiSL for the content they created for this release. Lastly, I want to thank all the users on our forums for testing beta releases and providing valuable feedback to us.

    If I forgot anyone, I apologize. My brain cells are running on low at the moment. :) I promise I'll make up for it.

    Head over to the Download page to get your fresh copy of E2S! :)


    More information about new features will be posted in the following days. :)


    1. Hello I would like to thank their efforts in maintaining a super Ets2 tool always updated, thanks for everything.

      by: Adelcio Oribka (

    2. Thank you for your great Work.
      Is it possible, that the Template for the AeroDynamic is not
      present? I have a Look in every Folder, but I can´t find it.
      On Trailer-Startpage he is there.
      Can you help me please, to find a Template from Matdom1988?
      Thank you

    3. Olá meu nome é Paulo Denis e sou muito fã do trabalho de vocês em especial ao ETS2 STUDIO, eu gostaria de saber como pode ser adicionado novos trailers no ETS2 STUDIO?

    4. Well it's been over a year now and no updates. I guess this ETS2 Studio is out of business....

    5. Hello.
      I havet a question regarding how to make my own skin/paintjob with ETS2studio.
      I've followed the instructions from the tortourials, and the troubleshooting and FAQ, but ETS2studio still shuts down every time I try to Export Mod.
      My file is a .png file, I open E2S as administrator, I delete files and folders inside the \temp\mod directory, I pick my Base Truck, on Skin Properties I fill out Skin name and Skin internal name (tre letters, no space), Skin type: Airbrush, Unlock at level:10, Skin price:1000, Set skin as stock.
      On Truck Skin I browse and open my PNG-file. I choose Use Default om Workshop Icon and then press the Export Mod button.
      Then I get a message that ETS 2 Studio have stopped working, and my only option is to close program. I've tried over and over for several days, I have made several PNG-files different ways just in case...
      Any idea where I go wrong/what may be the problem?

      Best regards

    6. Will there be an update to create skins for the new Scania R and S trucks?

    7. Hallo
      Ein sehr gutes Tool wollte ich sagen und gleich mal fragen ob es eine neue Version davon gibt denn bei ETS2 gibt es jetzt den Neuen Scania und da möchte ich einen eigenen Skinn machen.

    8. Please make an Update!